Chris Abraham

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tooling Around NYC on My K1100LT Named "Amanda" at 2X

I took both ride videos and merged them together and then sped them up X2 so that you can have a quicker experience of riding the city -- it's not a reckless ride, it's just a night ride.

My fuel pump on my 1995 BMW K1100LT was squealing so I thought maybe gassing-up might help it out. Friends told me there are a bunch of gas stations around 10th and 11th Avenue in the 50s so I went off to look. Afterwards, I took a little bit of a joy ride around. I hope you enjoy it -- it's a little slow... I will try to put one together that's double-speed. Let me know what you think. I am not very reckless so I am sorry if you expected "shazam." Highlights include Broadway, Times Square, and 42nd Street -- what a moody, beautiful, night. And then... This video starts after I tried to get more footage of Broadway and 42nd street and Times Square -- but I couldn't really get anywhere interesting so this is just me tooling around in traffic, returning from the 30s back up to where I park, right off of W 72nd right on Riverside Park, including Columbus Circle, Central Park West, and then Broadway on the Upper West Side and then back to West 72nd. I hope you enjoy the ride around.


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