Chris Abraham

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Reputation Dismorphism

I might have coined a new term here at Pod Camp Boston 4 pcb4 here at the University of Massachusetts Boston today: Reputation Dismorphism or Online Reputation Dismorphism, which is akin to body dismorphism, a psychological condition where a person perceived herself in the mirror or in her mind much differently than reality or how other people see you. Online reputation dismorphism shows itself generally where someone perceives herself as being either way more or way less self-promotional or ego-centric or salesy than is true or perceived acceptable by any online or real community. Today when I came up with the concept, it was in response to Kat who is an advertising expert and professional copywriter who just feels too painfully self-conscious about ever soliciting business or promoting her professional side at all for fear that she would be perceived as being a spammer. my friend and business partner Mark calls it good breeding: one never should talk about one's work in polite company. well, it is OK to share your entire life on social media, including the 8-18 hours a day you make a living. What I said is that Kat was being selfish by not being willing to share her mad skills in advertising and copy writing with her followers and that when she doesn't share her work and passion she prevents people from getting to know here. I will expand on this later as I am typing this all on my Android G1



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