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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fuad El-Hibri From Wikipedia

Fuad El-Hibri (born March 2, 1958) is an American businessman, and CEO of Emergent BioSolutions

Fuad El-Hibri (born March 2, 1958) in Hildesheim, Germany, spent his childhood equally in Europe and the Middle East before coming to the USA to get an economics degree from Stanford and an MBA from Yale.

Mr.El-Hibri earned a Masters Degree in Public and Private Management from Yale University and a Bachelors Degree with Honors in Economics from Stanford University.

Fuad El-Hibri served as president of Digicel from August 2000 to February 2005. Mr. El-Hibri served as the president of East West Resources Corporation from September 1990 to January 2004.

Mr. El-Hibri was a member of the senior management team of Speywood, LTD., in the United Kingdom. and organized and directed the management buyout of Porton Products Ltd. El-Hibri reorganized Porton, and was advisor to the senior management team involved in the oversight of operations and served as a senior associate and resident project manager at Booz Allen Hamilton and as a manager of Citicorp in New York (Mergers and Acquisitions), and in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (Operations and Credit).

Mr. El-Hibri has been chairman of East West Resources Corporation, a venture capital and financial consulting firm, since June 1990. He served as the chairman of Digicel Holdings from August 2000 to October 2006. He serves as director of Emergent BioDefense Operations Lansing Inc.

El-Hibri has been Director and CEO of Emergent BioSolutions since 2004 and He serves as Chairman and Treasurer of El-Hibri Charitable Foundation. Mr.El-Hibri serves as a member of the board of trustees of American University. He is a member of the board of directors of the International Biomedical Research Alliance (an academic joint venture among the National Institutes of Health, Oxford University and Cambridge University). Mr El-Hibri is also a member of the board of trustees of the National Health Museum.


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