Chris Abraham

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Business of Football Infographic

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise Solutions

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nymgo relaunches and offers the cheapest international calling rates

logo6 To celebrate its relaunch, Nymgo is offering 5 free flights anywhereAbraham Harrison’s new client, Nymgo, has now completely re-developed its networking infrastructure and is accordingly re-launching its product, website and brand with a completely new look and set of functions that pushes the envelope of mass consumer VoIP technology in 2012 — and, to celebrate that launch, they’re also offering 5 tickets to anywhere to a lucky 5 folks.

This contest is called the “Nymgo, fly me to visit someone” contest and it takes place on its regional Facebook pages for Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Nigeria, and Pakistan — one round-trip ticket to anywhere in the world will be available to  each Facebook Page by simply choosing a friend they would like to visit. The contestant simply uploads a picture along with a required caption (maximum 500 words) explaining why they should win the trip to see that person.