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Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Hills are Alive With the Sound of Jesus

Celebrities Are Way Too Skinny...
... The camera adds 10-20 pounds, too. What does that say about these gaunt celebrities?
Democrat == Poor == Brand Perception Problem

"From Overheard in New York: Woman holding baby: Excuse me, what did you say? Woman with clipboard: I asked you if you would like to join the Democractic Party. Woman holding baby: No, I’m not poor! —Washington Square Park" Via The Club for Growth Blog
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I Have Been in DC Too Long

According to experts, I am :73% Redneck
Take the Redneck Quiz at
Google + Net Neutrality Legislation + Dark Fiber = Conspiracy

"Analysts say Google may be spending more than $1 billion on infrastructure projects, including purchases of a 'dark fiber' backbone. The reason for the purchases is a riddle to the industry, but one Internet consultant recently offered a new answer to the puzzle." Do no evil does not mean do good. Via digg & eWeek.
Tori's Dad Died at 83

"Aaron Spelling created a number of hit series, from the vintage 'Charlie's Angels' to 'Beverly Hills 90210.'" My condolences. NYTs
This is What a Baldface Lie Sounds Like

"Colombia's Farc rebels are prepared to swap hostages and talk peace, a spokesman tells Venezuelan TV." Via BBC News
Rule Number One Leave Well Before the Party Ends

"Hiroshi Okuda stepped down Friday after a career in which he helped transform Toyota from Japan's biggest automaker into a global powerhouse." NYTs
Why Hasn't The World Urban Forum Always Focused on the Urban Poor

"The World Urban Forum ends its Vancouver session with a call for more attention to problems of the urban poor." You have to be bloody kidding me. What? Was the organization originally founded to focus on the urban elite thus far? Via BBC News
Bok Bok Bok the End is Nigh Bok Bok Bok Bugak!

"An Indonesian who died after catching the virus from his son represents the first confirmed case of human-to-human transmission of the disease." The sky is falling, the sky is falling! Where is Indonesia?* Via NYTsmore
Up Is Down Black is White and Conspiracy is the New Black

I am going to revive the real because I really miss the conspiracy theories surrounding the occult and the new world order. Almost better than dinner at Mortons paid for by your CEO.
The Lotus Esprit is a Perfect Car

Since debuting into my consciousness submarine-like in a James Bond flick, the Lotus Esprit has been the perfect thing. Good Lord, what Lotus did with a four-cylinder engine and a turbo was the stuff of legend. The Evo and the WRX could only hope to ever be an Esprit turbo. Well, there will be a 2008 Lotus Esprit, thanks be to Jesus Christ. Via Jalopnik and Edmonds

Command Line for the Masses of Asses

"Command line isn't actually that complicated. If you're curious, read on!" You clicker! You lame-ass clicker! Good Lord, I can't even stand watching you! Via digg & Free Software Magazine
Do DC Women Get Groped and Flashed on WMATA?

"For most women riding the New York City subway system, being groped or flashed by a man creates a sense of helplessness." Does this happen to women who ride Washington Metro? Via the NYTimes.
Kudos to the Best Intern Ever

Cheers to Lexicon mayor of the blogosphere and all blogonians!! Amazing work.
Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are Good for Democracy

There are lots of people accusing Jon Stewart, and guess the Daily Show, of being "bad for democracy?"more
Que Sera Sera

Search Engine Protection and Promotion Campaigning

To control search engine results one needs to both promote friendly content and knock down unfriendly content.more
Hill Intern Hotties Contest on Wonkette

If you're under 25, please vote for your favorite male and female intern from Capitol Hill. If you're over 25, don't even think about it.
Give Me a G Give Me an O Give Me a P

"Amid Iraq debate, Republicans cut the estate tax, fight off a minimum-wage increase and stall the Voting Rights Act." Salon, you say this like it's a bad thing. Go team!
Americans are Friendless Abroad and At Home

"People have fewer close friends nowadays than two decades ago." Via digg & Live Science
Bloggers Live Longer Than Journalists

"The reason bloggers have more fun is simple: we don't have editors, we can tell you what we think instead of pretending we don't have opinions, most of us can work in our pajamas if we want to, and we don't have to worry about being politically correct." Via B.L. Ochman
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Why Fundraising and Fundraisers are in Trouble

Overheard in New York...Girl #1: I have to go to a wine-tasting tonight for some charity.Girl #2: What's the charity?Girl #1: I don't know, some kind of dystrophy.
Big Bad Scarey Thunder and Lightning

Both David and Diane are suffering varying levels of PTSD after last night's tremendous thunderstorms.
Allya the Beluga Whale Blows Bubble Rings in Japan

Comments Off for Mark Cuban

According to B.L. Ochman, "Tech billionaire Mark Cuban, whose forthright communication makes him one of my heroes, has turned off comments on his blog." Mr. Cuban, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.
A City on a Hill by Mike Signer

Mike Signer lives an exemplary life. I was not surprised when he published an article on American Exemplarism, A City on a Hill, "Exemplarism would value both strength and international prestige equally, seeing them not as mutually exclusive but rather as mutually reinforcing."more
One Word Equity

In The strange death of modern advertising, Lord Maurice Saatchi admits that 50-year-old advertising is dead, "The word comes first and it is singular - one word, not several words. For a brand, the word comes before all actions, in all media, at all times."more
Three Seats Left for Blogging Workshop on June 27th

Of the 15 seats available for my A Blog of Your Own blogging workshop, 12 are already spoken for and three remain. Better register quickly or you're out of luck.more
I Am Seething with Envy Over My Rightful Trip

When I left NMS, I left behind three weeks of vacation, the vacation that was supposed to take me on this route across the country.
Internet Needs Real Competition Not More Legislation

"If we had real competition then the whole net neutrality debate would go away," said Sean Garrett on Silicon Valley Watcher. I wholeheartedly agree.more
Lots and Lots of Edelman Love

From the link from Steve Rubel to the link from Tristan Roy, Edelman bloggers are part of a mutual admiration society.more
Urban Etiquette is Effete

Although the idea of creating an urban etiquette guide is solid, the list is amazingly effete and too nancy-ass to really be taken seriously. But I guess etiquette is by its very nature pretty nancy-ass.more
Is Minimum Wage a Poverty Panacea?

"Republican-controlled Senate derails proposed election-year increase in minimum wage." Historically, have increases in minimum wages ever changed anything for the better? Is a minimum-wage job sustainable? Are jobs lost when wages are mandated? Do increases actually get people out of poverty or off government assistance? Via Drudge Retort, CBS News.