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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Chris is Chris is Chris Abraham

Lets Enjoy the Internet and the Freedom and Access that we Have Now
"At this point in time, I don't understand why we are making such a fuss over something that is not even an issue?" God bless Katie.

Jeff Jarvis is Not a Moron but the Blogosphere Does Exist
I admire Jeff Jarvis and read Buzzmachine all day long. That said, I called him a moron and for that I am sorry; but, the blogosphere is a mass, monolith, and a medium.more

Auction Marketpace for TV Advertising
"Top advertisers are proposing an auction marketpace for TV advertising." Via BuzzMachine & AdAge

Who's My Little Harvard Student Baby?

Does the Universe Make My Ass Look Bigger and Older?
"The universe is at least 986 billion years older than physicists thought and is probably much older still." Via 3 Quarks Daily and Guardian UK

Joel Osteen is My Favorite Sunday Morning Televangelist if I Had to Choose

The Blogosphere is Greater than the Sum of its People
The person who says, "There is no blogosphere. There is only the people in it," is obviously a moron.

Why Do We Find You Horny Baby?

The Top-Bid Google Adwords Adsense Ad Words
$54.33 mesothelioma lawyers $47.79 what is mesothelioma $47.72 peritoneal mesothelioma $47.25 consolidate loansmore

Someone Had Better be Fired for the Oozinator

Hummer H1 I Barely Knew You

Via Car Reviews, Automotic News, Hootride!, Ramblings.

What the Republicans Have They've Earned
"The Republican Party doesn't own the conservative vote, it earns it." Via Daily Pundit

Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka Aina I Ka Pono
"One of the original copies of the Hawaiian constitution is up for auction on eBay." Via Luxist and Ebay

David Gelles is a Dirty Mainstream Media Apologist
"At Busboys and Poets last night Chris and I bantered about the competing merits of blogs and journalism." David is going to be an amazing journalist because this was in fact true. The rest, lies, lies, lies! Via Blog Vivant

The Spy Behind the Eye in the Sky
"Combining and analyzing aerial imagery from satellite photos, a little known Defense Department agency provides info on nuclear sites, terror camps, troop movements and natural disasters. It spends more time these days watching U.S. soil." Via Wired

Va Va Va Vroom

Blogs are About What People Say but MSM is About Making Money
"99 percent of blogs are about what someone has to say. 99 percent of traditional media is about making money," said Mark Cuban via Scripting News

Universal Access to Universal Texts
"Despite the opposition of publishers and their lawyers, the world's texts are being electronically copied, digitized, searched and linked." Via New York Times

McCain Enables the War in Iraq
"Senator John McCain of Arizona defended the Iraq war in a speech at Liberty University, where the Rev. Jerry Falwell is chancellor." Via the New York Times

I Ordered and Ate a BK Texas Double Whopper
I have to admit to all of my readers that I am not immune to advertising and bought a BK Texas Double Whopper on a lark last night. more

Are Thirteen-Year-Old Girls Like the Girls in Thirteen?

Spock Has a Posse and a Mad Crib

The History of the Uzi Submachine Gun

Starting with Edelman on Monday
Today is my last day as Technology Strategist at New Media Strategies. On Monday, I will be joining the interactive team at Edelman.more

126 Miles-Per-Hour Cannot Be the Fastest Pass on GW Parkway
I don't believe that Drew Hoffman can have the record for fastest pass on the GW Parkway. Have you seen how many AMGs, GT3s, Ms, Biturbos, V10s and V12s move through there every night? Via Jalopnik and the Washington Post.more

Skorpion is Submachine Gun of the Day

Come One and All to Comment on Is a DC Woman's Success Defined by Blonde by Bottle and Sexy by Sport and Health?
There is an amazing assortment of comments being made over at Blonde by Bottle and Sexy by Sport and Health? Come on by!

Shameless BMW M5 Love

Christian Scientists Have Super Powers Not Scientologists
"Apparently, there is a whole new level of Scientology that only one person has reached. No, it's not Tom Cruise." Via A Socialite's Life and WeSmirch

Your Phone Calls are Inane and What are You Hiding?
"President Bush declines to confirm or deny a US phone data collection programme exists after press allegations." Via BBC News

Coinslotgate: Lindsay Lohan Confesses
Via Defamer

Is a DC Woman's Success Defined by Blonde by Bottle and Sexy by Sport and Health?
In response to Washington is Revenge of the Nerds, DG asked me, "I have another take on the nerd dating scene in DC: Is it possible that the women that DC geeks are longing for are just like themselves on the inside (geeks as well), but that they've been Elizabeth Arden-ized to look like the prom queens of yore?"more

John Biglin in a Single Scull by Thomas Eakins

Chris Daughtry was Betrayed by Americans and American Idol

We lost Chris Daughtry, the coolest rocker, last night, as Chris Daughtry was voted off American Idol last night. I didn't report on it last night but I was in denial. Oh, the horror, the horror. There are loads of people who are very unhappy who have been commenting on my blogmore

Two of the 200,000 Missing US AK-47 Assault Rifles
"200,000 guns the US sent to Iraqi security forces may have been smuggled to terrorists, it was feared yesterday. The 99-tonne cache of AK47s was to have been secretly flown out from a US base in Bosnia. But the four planeloads of arms have vanished." Via Drudge Retort

Washington is Revenge of the Nerds
Washington men are only interested in possessing the women who spurned them in high school and college. more

Spoofs of the Mac Versus PC Apple Ads
These cheeky ads are quite good (aside from the fact that this guy is not an American)more

The Consumer Does Not Discriminate Between Media
"The consumer does not discriminate, diferentiate, or distingquish between different forms of media," said Joseph Jaffe at minute 54 as transcribed from ATS #28. A must listen more

Zaftig is the Word of the Day
zaftig (Yiddish) Plump and juicy, from German "saftig" meaning "juicy". "Full and shapely, as if this is a woman with some heft, but in a beautiful sense."more

I Would Pay Money to Spend Time with Amanda Congdon
When I asked David if maybe my adoration of Amanda Congdon had gone too far, he answered, "I would pay money to spend time with amanda congdon." I love that guy!